Adam Park

Director of Culinary Operations
Culinary Crafts

I was drawn to the world of food early in Italian restaurants that my family ran. I was exposed to finer food than the average young teenager and I wanted to grow up to be a Chef. Later, I received a degree in Philosophy planned to go to medical school, but I kept finding myself hosting dinners at my place for friends. At the time, my brother was an Event Manager at Culinary Crafts, and he called me in to help on a busy day. My experience on that day leads me to work more and more. It was fun, fresh, and kept my mind engaged. I soon started to volunteer to help grill and cook on events on some hot summer days. As I worked with the kitchen crew, I rekindled my desire to become a chef. Now, I feel my formal education in science and philosophy couple with my cooking experience and helps me be a better chef. Not only does it connect my various interests, I often find connections between the lessons in chemistry class and the lessons in the kitchen.

I try to approach my job every day by seeing how can I make a dish better, can I teach someone something new today, and how can I help every event — even when I’m not there— to have restaurant quality food in a catering environment.

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